Why Book Is The Best Companion To Have?!


Once my mom told me, books are the one that made her life all through her struggles. “BUT WHY?!”I asked. She just smiled and replied, “You can only feel it when you start to live with it!”.  That was the day; I started reading books. SeriouslyI was day-dreaming the whole time when I read.

Why books never make you feel alone? There are various factors to be analysed. But on keen analysis, Books makes you go deep into them and tempt you to live the characters of it. It makes you cherish your happiness along with the happiness of its plot.

It makes you feel sad when you go for Scenes that you don’t want to happen. It pushes you live it‘s life, with All those fantasy, love, Romance, mystery, adventure, thrill and always critics of it. 

Books are always the best companion to catch up always. It‘s not that it is light to carry, it‘s that it keeps your heart frees from issues. 

It‘s like, you can grab whenever you need it and you can live along with it. Books are the one that gives you better solutions to your problems. But how?

Yes, books are the best problem solvers. When you read, you tend to throw all your struggles and frustration away from you. You never realize that you are pushing away from you while you are reading, rather you feel relaxed and freshen up when you end up with the book. So, books are packs of stress-free drugs with a humpity number of benefits and perks. 

Knowledge is wisdom for a person. And where he/she gains it? Of course, books never disappoint you in that way. Books play a vital role in gifting your wisdom and knowledge. In this competitive world, it’s so important to be unique, wise and clever than one another. 

You should always outstand with your skills and works, only then you can sustain and survive. There come to our books, which makes you stronger by heart and intelligence. 

The power of books is wide and vast. It’s always a magic to have and perfect to possess. Famous quote states, “We ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too. They are the permanent potential to have beside and best friend to patch up.


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