Rakshabandhan Is Becoming Special Coincidence, In This Muhurta Bind Rakhi on Brother’s Wrist


The celebration of the sacred relationship between brother and sister-Rakhshabandhan is going to be celebrated on August 26 this year. Celebrating the full moon of the month of Shravan, this festival is very special for every brother and sister. This year Rakhi is special in many ways because, after years, such a coincidence is occurring when the sisters will not have to wait for an auspicious time to build a rakhi. This time Rakhi can be built for full 24 hours on the full moon day. 

On the day of Rakshabandhan, sister demands her protection by stitching the defence of her small and big brother on her wrist. After trying a defence form on brother’s wrist, sister makes aarti by placing tilak on her forehead. According to the belief of Hindu religion, the relation between the brother and sister becomes unbreakable. It is said that as long as the life and death of the breath of life remains, a brother is always ahead for his sister and for his safety, happiness


In any case, no time to put rakhi on brother’s wrist is not considered inauspicious. But the desire for longevity and happiness of brother is done in an auspicious time, all the troubles are dispelled. According to Jyotishcharya, 26th August this year is auspicious for tying rakhi from 05.59 am to 17.25 in the morning. Some astrologers also have to say that if the rakhi is built at sunrise then it provides longevity to the brother.

Apart from hunger stomach, there is also a special rule of Raksha Bandhan that Rakhi is not built in Bhadrakal. The most important thing about Rakhi this year is that the time Bhadraak will end before sunrise.

Prepare such a plate of worship –

On this holy festival of Raksha Bandhan, sisters wake up in the morning and wear the new clothes, first of all, bathing. After this, there are rakhi, kumkum, turmeric, rice grains and dessert in the brass plate. After preparing the plate of worship, sister worships the brother. First of all, the sisters tilak their brother and make an aarti, then after reading the mantras, throwing it on them, and then decorating their wrists with silk thread. After this, his mouth sweetens.

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