Tanushree Dutta has been hailed as the torchbearer of the #MeToo movement in India, which brought to light several allegations of sexual harassment against top names spanning several industries. While Dutta, has been appreciated by many B-town for her courage to speak up, controversy queen RAKHI SAWANT had other things to say.

Rakhi not only made some shocking claims against the actress but also released a set of videos and held a press conference to allege that the former actress had taken her to raves, made her do drugs and allegedly “raped” her. To this Dutta replied that these allegations were nothing more than a smear campaign. The war of words came to halt when both actresses said they would file defamation cases against the other. However, it now looks like Tanushree has a lot more to say. In an interview with Zoom TV, further condemned Rakhi’s allegations and asked that why was she protecting those kinds of people?

Sharing about how her father taught her to fight against injustice, she said that her, unlike most other families who tell their daughters to keep quiet despite facing harassment, she was taught to fight her own battles. Expressing her views on the same, she questioned where people like Rakhi, who know the whole world is laughing at them, continue to protect such people and even goes on to call such men her father. She declared it very disgusting.

In another segment of the show, while admitting that she often doesn’t pay heed to unnecessary comments, she questioned why Rakhi called her and other survivors “struggling actresses” when she herself was one. Tanushree also expressed her concern over Sawant mocking victims of the #MeToo movement and brought out claims about Rakhi’s current financial situation, rumours of the actress being a transgender woman and even spoke of Rakhi’s past comments when she allegedly claimed that she was willing to submit to the casting couch if she didn’t get jobs.

Tanushree said Rakhi to have a look at herself and see what she has done and what has been done to her too. Dutta has also slapped Rs 10 Crore defamation suit against Sawant for accusing her of consuming drugs on the sets of movie “Horn Ok Pleasss. Dutta’s lawyer even said that if Rakhi doesn’t respond to this she may face punishment for 2 years or a fine or both.


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