Rakhi Sawant is a celebrity who often remains in the limelight, and very often because of the controversial and trouble causing comments. But this time she is in news for a different reason. The wedding season is currently on in B- town and Rakhi is caught in this same wind. Rakhi Sawant recently announced her wedding to Deepak Kalal which is to be held in Los Angeles on December 31st.

After thus news became viral many commented that it is a fake news /announcements. Others said it to be one of Rakhi’s many tricks to remain in the limelight. There were very few who believed in this news. But it looks like this news is actually true. Rakhi herself confirmed the news of her wedding to Deepak.

In an exclusive interview the Times of India she confirmed the news. She commented: “Yes, I am getting married to Deepak on December 31 and the wedding will happen in the US. He is taking care of all the arrangement.” Deepak Kalal is a known figure in Instagram who has quite a large fan following. He was also a constant of the show India’s Got Talent. This show helped him in rising to fame.

Although Rakhi has confirmed the news if her marriage to Deepak, there still doubts that it may be yet another one of her publicity stunts. I personally will believe thus news only after I see pics of marriage on 31st December or whenever they choose to share it with the public. And if this news is true then I wish the couple congratulations and a happy life ahead!

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