Rahul Gandhi Winks For The Second But In Rajasthan


Rahul Winks again! Indeed, even as the ’embrace and wink’ push in Lok Sabha amid the no-certainty movement is still crisp, Congress boss Rahul Gandhi has ended up stuck in yet another contention. Rahul has been gotten on camera winking, once more.

On Saturday, Rahul tended to a rally in Rajasthan to battle for the gathering for the up and coming state decisions and the 2019 Lok Sabha races. In a video shot at the rally, Rahul can be seen winking to gathering’s state boss Sachin Pilot. Not long after the wink, Sachin Pilot embraced AICC general secretary and previous boss priest Ashok Gehlot on the stage.

The embrace on the stage was viewed as a projection of a unified face of the Rajasthan Congress. In the wake of conveying his discourse, Rahul brought both the pioneers nearer and afterwards they embraced each other, giving a message of fellowship.

On the stage, Pilot was sitting towards the privilege of Rahul and the seating game plan of Gehlot was beside AICC general secretary and responsible for party undertakings in Rajasthan Avinash Pande, whose seat was on the prompt left of Rahul. Be that as it may, Pande offered his seat to Gehlot influencing him to sit to Rahul’s left side while Pilot sat to his right side.



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