Rahul Gandhi Is Already Married? Wait ! With Whom ?


Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday commented that he is already married to the party. He made the remark amid an association with editors when he was gotten some information about his marriage designs. Gandhi, on a two-day visit to Hyderabad, said Narendra Modi won’t end up Prime Minister in 2019.

He anticipated that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would not by any means get 230 Lok Sabha seats and thus there was no doubt of Modi getting to be Prime Minister once more. The BJP count would be sliced fundamentally because of the cooperation among non-BJP parties in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The Congress President sidestepped an immediate answer to an inquiry on who might be the Prime Minister in case of Congress and other non-BJP parties getting a larger part. He simply said they would work it out.


Gandhi said the gathering’s state units were allowed to have organizations together with similarly invested parties. He was certain that the Congress would come to control in Telangana.

Gotten some information about Andhra Pradesh, where Congress experienced a mental blackout in the 2014 surveys, he said the gathering was enhancing its position.

He voiced worry over developing bigotry in the nation. He said that minorities were feeling uncertain. He called for tending to the issues of ranchers and giving work to the jobless. He said Modi had neglected to satisfy his guarantee of giving two crore occupations every year.

“China gives work to 50,000 individuals in 24 hours while in India just 458 individuals get work amid this term,” he said.


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