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Recently my sister got married, and being my only dear real sister I had to look at the nuances of every function, from sangeet to mehndi to haldi and to finally the grand shaadi with some on looking to the reception as well. But one thing that I had the minimum access to was her ‘beloved’ pre wedding photoshoot which astounded me and I had the most enthusiasm and curiosity about. Surely I had heard a lot about it coming from the western parts of the world but never experienced it in real life.

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Well on the morning of the photoshoot we had everything set, the cameramen ,the set, adequate lightning and ofcourse the ‘Dulha Dulhan’ with a lot of props to have their one and only exquisite and extravagant summarization  of the beautiful journey of falling in love. But this photoshoot definitely came with an Indian twist. Well what would be a love recital where the ‘Rahul’ of the story wouldn’t fall more in love with the flying pallu of her ‘Anjali’s  saree’? And it’s just not the saree but every dress, every set, every different prop but also every different tactic with which the photoshoots shows the complete journey, encroaches more and more enthusiasm and love between the bonding(ded) couple.

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From getting your photo clicked at an angle of asking for a lift on a highway to the budding lovers running in a sarson ka khet , from your pose making a reflection in water to getting your wedding shoes clicked , from staring each other when the gentle breeze makes your hair fly with the autumn leaves falling all over making it an exquisite and filmy shot to the groom taking the bride on a date with him playing the guitar and the bride having the utmost tincture of pink on her cheeks due to natural blush ,this photoshoot was no less than a film that I was glad to be sort of a part of.

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From the direction to the production and ofcourse the action, the prewedding photoshoot is now not only a part of the western culture but spreading across the entire globe with different twists to every story. And what better way to show your kids in the future that your marriage was not just an account of big bundles of the albums with your photo in the wedding attire but it was a beautiful journey like a classic film of two budding lovers glowing in the horizon of a deep shaded sunset.

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source: Google


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