Power of Silence

A Word “Silence”

Silence. A word listened but never really cared for. A word we all have our school memories attached to. Remember when our librarian or our teacher used to dust their dusters on the table, shouting Silence? Of course, we do! Those were the days. But then, we did not even realize, when this word became more than just that scold we received. It became a necessity, or rather a maintained habit if I may say. The Power of Silence didn’t mean anything to us until we grew up.

We don’t really notice but Silence has become an underrated thing. We are so into the fast paced, glorified technological world, that taking a moment and enduring to have calm moment has become a thing to talk about. Like really, we need a break from our “work sessions” to have some time to be silent and calm ourselves. When did it become that tough that we forgot about our own mental peace? Or putting it sophistical, when did we all become a part of the unknown race that we have officially forgotten to stop and take a break?

Power of Silence

We have numerous outbursts, I agree, being all calm and content is indeed a tough job to do. At some point, silence becomes a necessity and at times, an answer too. At times when you just cannot justify your situation by saying anything, there is the needed silence. When you know the world surrounding you has come to an ultimatum and nothing else is potentially going to work, there is the needed silence. When your mind refuses to just shut up at times, there is a solace in silence. This is the Power of Silence. Well, for now, I don’t think I need more to say that how silence has crippled itself to have a place everywhere. Yes, sometimes it is eerie and haunting and sometimes it is the essentiality.

Power of Silence
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The main point of it all is knowing that life can become tough at times, and very hard to cope up with. But sometimes we need to stop, relax and breathe. Breathe and feel how silence can be a blessing. It’s not that silence can any way make you feel dumb, but if a person has finally stopped expressing, you then realize silence has a sound of its own. You cannot just shout and let them know what is wrong, rather be staying and doing your own job is what will make people feel about it.

Raise your Voice Just at the Right Moment

As the famous quote by Mark Twain says-“ The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.” Although this does not mean to stay mum when you actually need to speak, sometimes spending less energy, knowing that things cannot really change by a verbal explanation, rightly expressed silence can do it.

Raise your Words
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So fellas, sit back and relax. Take life with a sip of hot brewed coffee and novels, or do it anyway you find your solace. Get to know the art of silence, and for mastering it, execute it in the right places. Because you can’t deny, we all need it sometime or the other and we all need to learn it.

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