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Remember that buttery smell when you cross pathway of a movie hall? It naturally floats you towards itself and you find yourself in front of popcorn stall. You can’t stop yourself from buying a bucket full of lovely fluffy and crunchy popped kernels i.e. popcorns. Pop-corn are kernels consisting of a little water. When these kernels heat, the water starts evaporating in form of steam causing them to pop. Good quality of maize turns into kernels by drying it. These have a hard shell and do not allow water to penetrate inside it. It builds a pressure and helps kernels to explode.

Kernel becoming a popcorn
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Kernel becoming a popcorn.

What makes it a popular snack when it’s showtime? Movies are no longer an art and culture type of thing. A huge audience goes to cinemas for having a great time of entertainment. They are not silent while watching movies. They comment, giggle and even clap at heroic entries. And the popcorn fits best at this time. The crunchy but soft popcorn bucket goes well along with all the situations.

Can't stop munching.
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Can’t stop munching.

There are many types of maize like pod corn, sweet corn, flour corn, dent corn, flint corn, and popcorn. Popcorn kernels can be of three shapes: rice, pearl, and South American. Pearl type popcorn are widely and commercially used. All types of popcorn kernels have the ability to explode and create a flake when kernels expose to heat but the difference lies in the length of flakes it produces.

Commercial popcorn maker.
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Commercial popcorn maker.

Popcorn is healthy if it is dry popped in the hot air adding little or no oil, fats or sugar.It should be just a popped kernel. They are a house of antioxidants and have a larger nutritional value than all the fruits and vegetables that a person can include in his/her daily diet. The antioxidants of these popcorns are known as “polyphenols”. Other than its nutritional values, there are some other reasons for you to buy popcorn:

A bowl of polyphenols.
Image source: gethealthyu
A bowl of polyphenols.
  •  Popcorns are easily available and sold at all the places, let it be a kids corner, waiting area of railway stations or shopping complexes.
  • Popcorn is in a new avatar now. They are available in new and exciting flavors. Vendors keep making it different from another one.
Flavors of popcorns.
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Flavors of popcorns.
  • Popcorns can never create a mess even when you are partying at home.
  • It is easy to make and takes around 5 minutes to pop and toss it with salt and butter.
  • You can stuff your face with more than 7-8 popcorn at a time, just in case you are hungry more than others.
  •  It keeps your calorie count low.
  • We can prepare it in different types of ways so it is not necessary to have a particular kitchen equipment for making popcorns. Today we are available with endless options to pop those corns. It can be stovetops, microwaves, air-poppers, giant kettles or a specific popcorn machine.
Jiffy Pop
Image source: Retroland
Jiffy Pop
  •  It is delicious and completely inexpensive…!
  • A staple food for college goers and a healthy snack option for tea time breaks in offices.

But popcorn can be healthy only when the original kernels are heated. Microwave or processed popcorn that come in packets for cooking in just two minutes can be harmful. They are full of chemicals and calorie count of such ready to eat popcorn can touch really high in amplitude. Popcorns sold in multiplexes include trans-fat butter and salt which will increase bad elements in your body.

We can see the popularity of popcorn everywhere but in Illinois, they have an annual “POPCORN DAY”. Since 1958, Popcorn is the official snack of Illinois.


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