Poor People : Poverty, Violence and Justice!

Poor People


In this World, We are born with equal talent, ambition, and hard work. Many face challenges each day. If we are to create a 21st century of shared prosperity, we cannot turn a blind eye to the violence that threatens our common humanity. In our World, Poor people suffer common everyday violence — robbery, extortion, rape, murder, torture. These all are the stream of humiliating assaults on their dignity. This ultimately implies lost productivity and ultimately lost growth for low-income economies.


True Faces of Poor People
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More than half of our nation’s population live in immense poverty. They have no access to the judicial system of our country. The poor, in various instances just live in the hope of that justice will come despite knowing that it won’t. They are the one those are most vulnerable to the crime in the society. With such a condition of poor in our country, there is a big question mark in front of the efficiency and effectiveness of our judicial system. No matter you are innocent or guilty if you are short of money then you are at the disadvantage. If you are poor, then you surely have to sacrifice.

A Vicious Circle

Being born in a poor family surely guarantees you that under no circumstances you are benefited from our judicial system. Even if you repeatedly try to get out of poverty you are ill bargained in doing so. Many predators simply sit in our society. They keep a check or prey on your every attempt to emerge out of the grinding poverty. Your every step towards emerging out is under scrutiny by these predators.

Step up
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So, if you are to nurture our judicial system then do something. We either need to remove all the malfunctioning of the system such as corruption or we need to uplift the economic and social status of the poor. So that, they should be much capable and equal to the rich. So as they too get justice in equal proportion. Hence, This is the only way we can help in the upliftment of poor people in our Society.

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