A Political Love Story !


Note : All characters in this article are Entirely real , and it has the lot to do with a politics. the facts written after each stage are for reference to relate with the story.

It all begins with a war, a war against corruption.

Kejriwal Ji , was among those soldier who fought tough for the war, everyone in country thought this man would be our Savior, and will give us freedom from CORRUPTION.

But, where there is a war , there is a love. ( As if War wasn’t  enough Complicated). Combination of love and war never gets out of fashion.

Wondering Why?

Well, here is the tale of Kejriwal and his darling Delhi.

Phase 1:  The one where Kejriwal decided to Start his Political Adventure,

Kejriwal proposes Delhi on his knees with all the affection and love, but Delhi was still stuck with an ex and also she was little scared to give any chances to a new comer because of her bad experiences of those last relationships (BJP & UPA).

Moving ahead Kejriwal decides to Participate in  Swayamvar.

Already contestants BJP, UPA , Others.

I must say, that was a really tough , tough & tough Competition. but yet somebody has to win or lose. Though BJP was a tough competitor ( logically Modi was a tough competitor , love was in the air or say Modi wave) but yet that wasn’t enough to impress Delhi. Because “Doodh ka jala, chhachh bhi phook phook kar peeta hai”, and Delhi’s situation was kind of like that,as per its earlier Boyfriends.

And the big day came when Results were announced, love was to be chosen.

FACT: On 28 December 2013, results of Delhi election were Announced .
BJP - 32
AAP - 28

None of them were able to gain love of Delhi. Someone said it right, you can never get over your EX. (BJP). Though being a newcomer Kejriwal did performed excellent.

Since Delhi was confused , postponed the big Wedding  but decided to give a chance to relationship and the chosen one was Kejriwal.

Fact: Kejriwal took oath for Delhi's CM on 28 of December.

Phase 2: Every relationship has its own ups and downs, this was one was no exception, yes you heard it right…Trouble in PARADISE

It is widely and wisely known that trust is a foundation in  any relationship.

As per google’s definition Trust is the act of placing confidence in someone, which at this situation Delhi Lacked. Delhi did chose Kejriwal but not with all confidence. That resulted into an Alliance.

Frustrated like any other possessive boyfriend,with the divided love, Kejriwal Ends Relationship.  They broke up on 14 Feb 2014, Valentine day, when the world celebrates this day. Not everyone’s valentine day is very Valentine.

*Wondering Mr. Valentine’s reaction*

Fact: Kejriwal Resigns as a CM of Delhi on 14 Feb 2014.

Heartbreak is not easy , not even for DELHI…..

Meanwhile Delhi being fed up of her relationships decides to stay single for a while until she finds her real soul mate.

Fact: President's rule in Delhi for a year.

Somehow Delhi did manage the heartbreak gracefully, but Kejriwal like a true lover couldn’t handle breakup.

Nicholas Sparks said once “The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…”

Trust was the reason for break-up , and trust can only be reason to get it back.Kejriwal realizing his mistakes,tries his luck one more time with more hearts and flowers .

(Heart - Free wi- fi  , Flower - Water supply, etc.)

Fact : Re-election in Delhi.

Phase 3 : The one where Delhi says I DO

Though lovers be lost, love shall not, love finds its own way….

Kejriwal charmed Delhi again and this time with full marks, Delhi finally moved on.

This time without taking any chances ,they decided to get married  on the same day in which they got separated , yes you guessed it right .

14th of Feb 2015 , was the day their love story and they tied the knots.

Kejriwal got married to Delhi with all dhoom dhadaka, while  Delhi’s exes kept weeping somewhere in the corner wondering what in the world this newcomer has which they don’t.

Fact : AAP won Re-election , Kejriwal becomes CM of Delhi on 14 Feb 2015, 
without any alliance.

And there started the Honeymoon period….



Married couple often get into fight , but not all the fight lead to divorce . But because of Lack of responsibility from kejriwal  regarding finances, children, health and many other issues , Delhi was compelled to file for divorce, the disappointment was clearly visible from MCD 2017 elections.

Being High profile case many people in country were shocked , some love Experts like Chetan Bhagat also expressed their view for the same situation in one of his tweet on 26th of April.

“Looks like Delhi went straight from honeymoon to Divorce”.

Meanwhile, BJP , the old lost love came in picture again while an old school stalker (UPA) stalked  from far away.

Now the case being pending in Court Until Next Assembly Elections , the whole nation wants to know…verdict of Court .

Will Kejriwal Win his love all over again or this time  BJP will get his old love..or there is even a slight chance of old school stalker…???

We can only wait……!!!



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