PM: Aims to provide affordable healthcare to all.


Prime Minister, on Thursday, said access to medicines is a big concern for the poor and his government’s constant endeavor is to ensure cheap and affordable healthcare for all Indian citizens.

“Access to medicines is a big concern for the poor… Our constant endeavor is to ensure affordable healthcare to every Indian,” he said. The prime minister also said that his government aims to eradicate tuberculosis from India by 2025.

21st of June is International Yoga day and PM appealed to people to practice yoga as a part of their daily routine. Several people are benefitting from PMBJP, an initiative of govt to provide medicines at affordable prices.

For providing good medical facilities to the poor and those residing in rural areas, more than 90 medical colleges have been opened and 15,000 MBBS seats increased.            He pointed out that the government has also started a huge campaign for immunization in four phases till now, in 528 districts across the country, 3.15 crore children and more than 80 lakh pregnant women have been immunized.

The Prime Minister said similarly the cost of dialysis too was high and it was available in select cities. Keeping this in mind, the Prime Minister Rashtriya Dialysis Yojna was started. “Under it, around 22 lakh sessions have already taken place for 2.25 lakh patients. The programme is being undertaken in 80 percent of the districts of the country. Presently in 400 Jan Swasth Kendra this is going on while 3200-3300 machines have been made available,” he said.

According to an estimate in India, every year 1-1.5 lakh knee surgeries are done and due to a decrease in the cost of the operation, there have been a savings of around Rs 1,500 crore for the middle class, he said.

A lot of promises by leaders have come and gone ..but we need to keep a close eye on the fulfillment of these promises.



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