These Plant Jewellery will Redefine your Love for Accessories!


We all love accessories for our outfits or our personal items to add a tinge of beauty. There are various accessories. We should explore all this. With new ideas and options exploring and coming to the surface, there’s a new and rather, a plenty of ideas to enhance your collection! And these living plant jewellery has made it all much more exciting, giving a new description to beauty and charm! Also, they are alive and not that a responsibility to water them daily 😛

Have a look at these pleasing little pieces of Plant Jewellery!


Image Source: Rings

Plants can now be accessorized with a studded ring, and voila! you have this tiny bundle of freshness all along with you! And look how Cute!


Image Source: Headband

You will love this jewellery piece to add a beautiful element to your look and also, it’s your favorite succulent which is alive and pretty! P.S a big fan of the headbands!


Plant Pendants
Image Source: Pendants

Add your favorite plant pendant, wear up your favorite summer dress and there you have it! Perfect cool vibes look to carry with poise!

Plant cuffs

Plant Cuffs
Image Source: Plant Cuffs

Isn’t is aesthetically pleasing to have a tiny, fresh element to your hand as cuffs? Wearing a cuff would just make it more beautiful 🙂



Image Source: Necklace

There are proper neck pieces made of plants from which you won’t be able to take off your eyes!

These were all made over Etsy, famous for their creative artistry all over the site.

To all my lady rock-n-roll’s out there, if you’re ready to make a bold yet a cute tinged statement with your attires, make sure to check these plant jewellery pieces on Etsy, and the whole range of the jewellery made!

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