Plane crash in Russia kills 71 people

Plane crash
  • Sindhu Bharati Anandan

The Antonov An-148 plane of The Saratov airlines which took off from the Domodedovo airport of the capital city Moscow crashed down at Ramensky district located at outskirts of Moscow. The incident took place around 2:48 pm local time after shortly it disappeared from the radar.

65 passengers and the 6 crew members on board were all killed. There were three children of ages 5,13 and 17 on board.

The reason for the crash is believed to be the heavy snowfall in the region. The black box has been recovered on Monday and the reason is yet to be investigated.

More than 400 people and 70 vehicles have been employed or the rescue operation and it is happening in full swing. Since the bodies have been burnt beyond recognition, a special genetic expertise is been arranged to identify the bodies of victims. The officials have said that this can take about 2-3 months.

The residents of Ramensky who witnessed the terrible accident had said that they had experienced the shock wave when the plane went crashing down. Some saw their windows shaking and some sort of vibrations in their houses.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has offered his deep condolences to the families of victims who had lost their lives in the crash. He has also cancelled plans to travel to Sochi to meet with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas and will be paying homage to the victims of the crash. The government of United States of America has also expressed their profound condolences to the victims’ families.

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