Your lips taste like the brand of cheap whiskey she drinks. Your shirt smells like the sweet scent of her lipstick.Your tongue hums the  songs that only she sings. Your kisses trace patterns of her skin on mine. Your legs wrap around the sheets like it’s her open ones. Your late night rendezvous ends up in the depths of her collar bones now.

Does the black lace of her lingerie match my black bruise from last night ? Does the gray of her eyes match my blade? Does the red of her nails match my red tears of frustration ? Does her skin grow flowers while mine pokes like thorns? Does her mouth speaks sensual while mine pouts? Does her lips utter poetry  while mine curse? Does her toes curl when you speak words of lust in her ears like mine used to ? Does her fingers shake when you threaten to leave like mine did ? Does your love make her sweat like me when I work myself to point of decease just so my thigh gap could fill all your pleasures ?

So tell me , when did I loose your love ?? Was it when I started having an opinion of my own ? When I spoke up against your betrayal or was it when I simply learnt to fight ? But today I ask you to go , to leave and not come back because I have learnt that caring shouldn’t need me asking  to be done  because no matter how strong your cologne is our love smells like the flowers you brought me last year , rotten.

But as I sit as cold as a stone in front of the shrine that i have created upon the traces of your footsteps that only know how to leave I realise that this changes finally. Guess I’ll learn to stay and worship this body of mine which I have learnt is my temple , funny isn’t it ?? I, a lost devotee searching for a pilgrimage to pray had that holy place within my myself all along .

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