Valley of Conflict: Perpetual Condition of Kashmir!

Kashmir conflict

Kashmir, once known as the Valley of Flowers is now more reputed as the valley of tears, the valley of conflicts. The reason behind it being the ever rising violence. Kashmir accession to India was provisional. It was conditional on a plebiscite. And till now Pakistan and India try to have the whole of their claim on this state. The medium of violence is stone pelting and cross-border firing. It further worsens the conditions. This impacts the relations between both the countries and between the citizens of Valley and Indian government.

A tug of war for Kashmir

Cross border firing

Image Source: Cross Border Firing

The three parties to Kashmir that are India, Pakistan and the citizens of the Valley. They have different aspects and different wants. Pakistan who continuously tends to showcase its intentions through violence wants Kashmir to be Azad. Whereas India just wants violence to come to an end – and they’re ready to seal-the-deal with current borders as the permanent boundary. The Kashmir natives want development, so the clash of ideologies leads to actual clash among them.

No One is Innocent


Image Source: Army’s Violence

It has been believed that it is always Pakistan who triggers violence. This is a misconception and can not be considered to be true. Indian forces to have committed many human rights cases of abuse and acts of terror against Kashmiri civilian population including extrajudicial killing, rape, torture and enforced disappearances. So, this doesn’t only put Pakistan under blame but also Indian forces come into light.

No one, in particular, can be blamed for triggering violence in Kashmir. Neither Pakistan alone nor India. It involves hands of all and can only end with the rationality of all. India must achieve peace in the valley. So, everyone will live happily in peace.

At the age of listening poems, a child sleeps with ears trembling from the voice of gun shots. Morning instead of rays of the sun starts with the smoke of the blast. Despite 70 years of independence, people there still crave to witness it. Now it’s high time. People should live in peace in the valley. Kashmir is a part of India and this will never ever change.

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