To the People in their Twenties- I feel You

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Viola, my darling buds of May! Okay no, I’m not here to exaggerate or to motivate and inspire. I won’t tell you that every person in his/her twenties is going through the exact same scenario with life as you are. Nor can I explain why life is such a roller coaster when we are in our twenties. I’m currently in my twenties and I really don’t know that myself.

But being a fellow “twenty-something” lad, I can tell you and assure you that I feel you. I know life is really tough now. We are transforming into this adult phase while still being as a grown up kid in our choices. We finally have to make decisions, we get to meet new people, know new things, get to do a variety of stuff which we don’t even feel like doing at times. I know that overwhelming emotion, I do.

We are young and some might be referred as, Raw. (P.S God knows what that means but people do!) We do those mistakes we are not supposed to do. And somewhere down the lane, we know we shouldn’t have done that. But we still did. Any specific reason? No. But trust me, you’re allowed to. We all learn from a few mistakes right? At times we are hit by some nerve-wracking truth or hard-hitting reality which literally makes us question our own existence. But we know we will be over it soon. I know I will, and believe my fellow mates would too. Boyfriends and Girlfriends, Love, new tiring job, rude and negative influence and a whole lot of emotions! Yes, I know it all and I know all that is pressurising. Prone and vulnerable at times, mistakes do happen at this age. I commit them a lot. Sometimes I’m even surprised that I did that. But what kicks me back up is a great cup of coffee, some self-dignity in my mind about rectifying the mistake even before it happens the next time and Bingo, you are up. Back with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

We are young and can be chiselled in any way we want ourselves to be.  Yes, at times we are a little ignorant but that be taken as a positive point you know. Who wants to be perfect anyway! Remember, you always need to get back up. Blunders will happen, and oh boy! A lot of them would happen, but there’s no such problem a good cup of coffee and a great novel cannot solve.

Well, I can’t give all experts advice because I myself am still a learner, but I can help you by telling something, as a fellow companion of you all. Dream all you want to, but if a little menace comes into your pathway, do not stop. Do not lose hope.  Dance all you want to, enjoy all you want to, take care of yourself but don’t be too harsh.  Be jolly, be weird, be you. That’s what is keeping me going through it all. Keep in mind that everything will eventually be fine, because trust me it will (personal experience, trust me!)This would be a time to throw of all the negative indulgence, and it will be really beneficial for us all.  Sleep, laugh, eat. Do everything that makes you feel happy and content. Don’t kill that child in the over going process of being an adult 🙂 And believe me you, you will be fine.

Till then, A big tight Virtual hug to you all!


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