Being Friends With Pen


“Being friends with books” is an age old saying we have been hearing from our grandparents and almost every other elder in not just our family but in the society as well. Be it school or tution classes; be it your playing room or the playground, every one every where expects you to befriend books. Sitting on my desk with no task in hand, playing with my pen and my mind wandering somewhere in the ocean of thoughts gets striken with this very line “Be friends with books,” and I question myself if i have made friendship with it or not. Thats when another thought pings me, ” can we be friends with pens too?” And here I end up writing what i feel further about befriending pens.

Ever wondered how easy it seems to read a stuff on a paper than on a digital screen of your smartphone or on a super expensive macbook? We have all moved towards a digital global village eliminating the requisite to use the hard copies of almost every material especially in the ground of studies. Despite this, the saisfaction that you achieve through reading a hard copy of a passage or any other reading material still remains unrivelled. You may read and learn a suff by heart but, the best result is always achieved by practicing it on a paper with a pen. With a smart phone in every hand, and a 4G network available at such an cost effective manner, we are still writing our exams using a pen.

With so advanced a technology in hands, we still have no alternative to replace a when. We are advanced with stilus for smart classes and digital boards yet, cannot replace a tiny piece of chalk in the hands of a teacher. There is nothing you could do to compensate a child love for his pens. He may own luxurious toys and a wide variety of assets but would still love to keep a pen in his pocket. Even i have always wanted to own quite a few antique pens and create my own collection. Pens have since ever been a beyond comparision non verbal source of expressing ourselves to the best.

There is not better medium than a pen to bring in action the thoughts we have in mind. It has brought out many of the significant reforming changes in the history to lead us all towards a better today. Unlike the mighty swords, it has always been a medium to peace and a healthy society. Always favoring humanity, this small instrument is worth introduction and definitely needs an elaborate description for what good it has done to humans.

We have since ever heard, “pen is mightier than sword” but, have rarely pondered a thought over it. This pen without any violence have always helped us to bring about a better tomorrow. Great deeds of a soldier may die with time but, a poets works are still remembered with vague wonder of how effortlessly they preached the extravagant teaching and messages in a small piece of poem.

We are always taught to be friends with everything that helps us and must make an effort to express our gratitude towards them. When we can be friends with animals, books, human, technologies just because they are loyal to us. Then why can’t pens. They are equally loyal and true towards you. So just make a li’l effort towards them, it doesn’t costs you any bucks to be friends.


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