Girls… In the relationship?! Then, remember these are signs that your partner is deeply, truly, madly in love with you.

He will be proud of you

When he truly loves you, He will be proud of you. He makes you a centre of attention in his life and convey his circle that you are his gem and proud part. He introduces you to his friends and well-wishers and makes you feel one among his group. Then, he is your man.

He calls you his girl in public

When he is serious about you, he will be happy in public appearance with you. He will never fear to the hangouts with you. He will declare the whole world that you are his lady and very blessed with your commitment. He makes you feel proud of yourself. Then, he is your partner.

He surprises you often

When he is deeply in love with you, He will make efforts to make you happy. He often surprises you with gifts and always expect nothing in back. He makes your happiness his first priority and work on the same with intense love and care. He suprises you with your favourites stuffs and confess his love every time. Then, he is your boy.

He never regrets to spend time with you

When he cares your love a lot, He never feel bad in spending time with you. He makes effort to spend time with you. He waits to be with you and spend every minute with utmost love and care. He will have his complete attention over you and observes every small detail of you. Then, he is your partner.

He knows you completely than you know

When he is serious about your relationship, He knows every action of yours. He will know your next step, your reply and your response to a situation. He will sense your mood even when your lip is zipped. He know how to convince you and know all your likes and dislikes. He is the one who calms your Storm. Then, he is your love.

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  1. Now that I've met you… I like the current name… but also like Belly Revolution. Thanks for coming to our little party the other night! We completely ran out of time today & I'm not sure we'll get to see you tomorrow, as much as I really really wanted to hook up with a local food blogger, but maybe our paths will cross another time. We're back in June so maybe we can meet then?Lara x

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