Parenting – Important One To Be Cared Of


Parenting is the most complicated word to be described. It‘s a bundle of emotions and love which is indescribable. But when it is not handled with intense care, the impact it reacts is irreversible. Where do these impacts fall over,  “children”. 

When the child is rude:

Being rude at very early age is a serious issue to be analysed. If a child behaves rudely, he learns such behaviour from his parents and elders. Thereby, parents need to be keen before they shout and fight in front of their child.

When the child is tight-lipped:

Sharing memories and feelings makes human nature stress-free. But when a child becomes close-lipped there is the chance of depression and stress. This appears when parents blow up the mistakes of the child bigger and bigger.

When the child gets fierce easily:

Anger ruins situations and relationships. When the child gets furious all of sudden, he feels insecure. And he has been continuously discouraged in public places. Another cause is found when they are not appreciated enough for their work.

When the child lies:

Most important one to be concerned about. When he/she lies, she/he has been afraid of telling the truth. Earlier when they made mistakes and threatened harshly by parents, They fear of being hurt and separated again.

When the child is jealous:

Jealousy is growing habit, once sowed can never be recovered back. It’s a result of a comparison. When a child is frequently compared with others or even with his friends, it roots out the habit of jealousy over every action of others.

When the child is coward:


Being a coward is the worst weakness of a human. If the child runs away from problems and found to be coward in the group, he has developed an attitude of inability and has gained advice often from his/her parents.

When the child is depended on:

Dependency is acceptable only within limits not beyond it. A dependent child is the result of continuous and harsh disciplinary rules to the child in public places. On another side when a child depends on others for his choices, he/she wasn’t given things that he/she asked for.

When the child feels insecure 

Insecurity is most seen attitude in today’s competitive world. Insecurity arises when a child is continuously discouraged and often advised to be a perfect child. Insecurity abolishes child talents and develops the inability to move on irrespective of their failures.


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