Pakistan’s new PM, Imran Khan claims, “Government will not leave any stone unturned to fight terrorism”


After taking oath as Pakistan’s 22nd Prime Minister, Imran Khan gave his first address to the country on Sunday. In this, he clearly stated that his government will not leave any stone unturned to fight terrorism under the National Action Plan. He said that in order to fight terrorism, we will ameliorate and strengthen the National Action Plan. At the same time, he said that Pakistan wants to improve relations with neighboring countries.

Imraan Khan emphasized the need to work on reforms, instead of borrowing money, and to eliminate corruption. They also talked about reforming the judiciary, education, and healthcare, improving civil services, transfer of power, providing employment opportunities to the youth and constructing a dam to end the water crisis. He said, “In Pakistan’s history we have never faced such difficult situations. The burden of our debt is 28 thousand billion rupees. In our entire history, we have never been so lenient as has happened in the past 10 years. ”

Khan said, “The interest we owe to our debt has reached this level that we have to borrow more to pay our liabilities. Our external debt liabilities have reached the level that we have to consider how we are going to deal with it. “He said that on the one hand we are very indebted and on the other hand our Human Development Index is extremely poor. Underlining the deficiencies in the healthcare sector, he said that at present Pakistan is amongst the five countries where the Shishu death rate is the highest because of the use of contaminated water.

He called upon the people of Pakistan to work closely with them to eradicate poverty, improve health care facilities and provide proper nutrition to the children. The Prime Minister also underlined the growing gap between the rich and the poor. He said that he will adopt the frugal style of governance.

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