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Greetings folks..!!
Ever wondered how painkillers help in killing pain? Well, no need to think much because they don’t actually kill the pain. I think you are boggling already but the best is yet to come and to know the answer. keep reading!

You all might have heard the famous saying “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional”. Interesting! But hey! I was gonna learn about painkillers. Right? Yup! This is actually the mantra that every painkiller follows.

A painkiller, when consumed by us, undergoes three stages-absorption, diffusion and blocking the associated nerves.
Every sense that we perceive is due to the tiny receptors that are present in almost all parts and organs of our body which feel the sense and the associated nerves send this message to the brain due to which the brain knows exactly how you feel when you hear something pleasant or see something new.

So after the painkiller converts into infinitesimally small particles. And diffusing in the blood, it starts acting rather weird.
Instead of killing the pain that a person feels, it blocks the nerves that would otherwise send the message to the brain saying that you have got hurt and are feeling the pain. Due to this, even though the pain still persists we don’t feel the pain as the brain is tricked into thinking that the pain doesn’t exist.

Various monks have used this technique and have probably survived many years without even knowing what a painkiller is. Also, the long list of side effects that come packed with the painkillers is very discouraging.
Using painkillers on a daily basis in overdoses can help you be a victim of skin rashes and dizziness. It can even help you end your life if you take in large quantities.

I don’t think that kidding your brain is an easy task but it’s definitely worth a try. After all, it’s the matter of your life. So, next time you feel a headache, try relaxing before television watching your favorite show to divert your mind or try meditating …have fun!!


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