Padmavati or Padmavat?

Padmavati or Padmavat ?
  • Drishti Banaudha

Is it Padmavati or Padmavat ? Does it make a difference? Being a respected citizen of India as a female I find this controversy totally irrelevant. I didn’t find anything obscene and offending for the Rajput fraternity in the trailer. Without watching this movie how can you judge it? And by overlapping, this statement people are putting questions on Deepika’s character and her profession.

I’m too a “Social Media freak” and I’ve read all the comments regarding this movie and their actors on every possible insta, fb and twitter accounts and pages and all I’ve been reading is “How can Deepika play the epic character of Padmavati she’s not even the mud of her toes!” On the other hand, people are giving warnings to Deepika and Ranveer to come to Rajasthan then we’ll see you. I mean in the name of the movie people are seeking attention unnecessarily. I’m not saying that protest is wrong. Of course, you people are also right in your terms but putting the question on Deepika’s character is showing that how biased you people are.

On one hand you’re protecting Padmavati’s image and on the other hand, you’re bouncing reputation of another girl. How much partiality is that? Don’t people have any freedom of speech? This is more of an imperial country rather than being a democratic one. There’s a decentralization in the name of centralization. Fighting for your own fraternity is good but imposing an irrelevant opinion unnecessarily on anyone’s profession and character is a major symptom of illiteracy.

Padmavati or Padmavati? Still the biggest question for me. Though censor board played very well by removing an “I” from Padmavati in order to prevent religious sentiments. But I didn’t find any kind of freedom in this democratic country.


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