Origin of ‘Religion’ Among Humans


Man is existing on this planet even before the religions came into existence! Yeah! This is strange, yet true.

During the evolution of man, the first creature to believe in the ‘immortality of the soul’ was Homosapiens neanderthalensis (The Neanderthal man). With a brain capacity of 1400cc, the Neanderthal man was the first being to believe in rituals and burial of the dead. That means it was around 1 lac years back when man cultivated emotions.

Still, there were no religions.

Now coming to the ice age(10,000–75,000 years ago), when the modern man Homosapiens sapiens evolved in Africa. The modern man just evolved, had feelings, emotions, love for nature and his own wishes to fulfil. Hence, he started praising ‘Mother Nature’ as a mark of gratitude and started praying to her to fulfil his own wishes. Unlike today, his deities were mighty elements of nature like trees, birds, the sun, the moon etc. (the Sun God, the Moon God etc.)

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Alas! The modern man never knew that one day his wishes would turn into a cascade of greed.

Slowly and steadily, the modern men realized that the human race needs to live a disciplined life. Thus, few men, out of them, emerged out and started preaching their beliefs to people. Of course, they wanted them to be good. Hence they started narrating the incidents that they had witnessed and self-composed stories (the various mythologies of today) so that people could learn something from them.

People from different parts of the world emerged out and started preaching their beliefs (which were similar to each other), hence leading to the origin of different clans. Wait! Still, we did not have religions!

Clans with the same mentality came to know about each other and formed a group. This group was given a name. Many other such groups came into existence and were classified into a major group known as ‘religion’.

Finally! This is how ‘religion’ came into existence. Congratulations people! This is how we divided the human race.. to kill humanity.



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