What It Takes To Be A Good Orator…!!


Not many present around you would actually be knowing what an orator is. Some may also not have heard the term Orator, despite being one themselves. Far about knowing what it takes to be one, what aptitudes he is a master of, and what work does he do that needs recognition? An orator is someone who knows the art to make formal speeches which can strongly have the desirable effect on people’s feelings, thoughts and actions. He knows how to sweep away the listeners according to his word. He is someone who knows about the powers of the words, also how to use them equally well.

When speaking, an orator uses not merely words but, speaks through his body, expressions and voice modulations as well. Everyday we meet, listen, watch and admire numerous speakers that have the ability to engrave an everlasting impression. Taking a few names, who are the masters of these hard to attain qualities, would an insult to them; for they do not need an introduction to be identified amidst the crowd and that their eloquitive powers are more than enough to
describe them well.

Oratory is an art of formal public speaking. All oratory are public speaking but, all public speaking can never be oratory. Oratory is above ordinary, prepared passionately, with creativity and a thorough research and also sometimes nourished with years of experience. It needs great guts to be a public speaker. What courage and strength it takes to amidst thousand of people without a hitch. When you speak in conjoint, you ought to be a knowledgeable in literature with a good and understandable vocabulary and flawless grammar.

The words have always been a centre to my admiration and a world to my wonder. Owing to my passion towards them. I have also wanted to be a good speaker and also a greatwriter. The power of words is so amazing that one could dedicate it a life time to understand how they work. Is it not fantasicing to think how we understand if “WHAT” when written or spoken is an expression of exclaimation, interrogation or is an assertive. How do words work upon us to appeal to our noblest sentiments, animates our soul, stirs our passion and emotions and inspires virtous actions.

Wanting to be an orator I , after years of dedication to the words, came to a conclusion that being a great orator takes work. You need to possess the following qualities if you wish to be an admirable speaker:

  • Practice: It is a myth that public speaking is an inherent talent and cannot be attainted through hard work and practice. You just need to practice oratory with resulatory single mindedness and in no time you will be a master of words and speaking.
  • Immerse yourself: Dedication is the basic formula you need to follow to attain something. Just give your full hardwork to it.

  • Read and listen to great speakers and their speeches. Try to understand how they speak and what they speak. Try also to know how their words are so impactful to the audience.
  • Know your audience: Before going to public give an hour to understand your listeners. Imagine yourself as ine of them to understand them better. This will make your speech more connecting.
  • Organise your speaking matter in an effective and sequential manner to attain your purpose.
  • let your real self come out. Don’ t pretend to be anything that you are not. Just be your trueself. This would give you credibility.
  • Be humorous and express your point through illustrations and stories. This will help the audience to understand your point easily and would last in their mind for long.

  • Use effective language.
  • Grab the due attention in the beginning and give a dynamic end to your speech.
  • Remember that practice does not anyone perfect. No one is perfect here. Also no one expects you to be perfect. You just have to be impactful enough in your words and expression.


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