To All Those People Who Produce And Endorse YouTube Ads,

Hello! How are you? Did I disturb you? Well, I know you must be busy (it’s difficult when a thousand people are brutally murdering you in their dreams every minute, isn’t it?). And I know you put a lot of your energy and time in making these ads, which have top quality precision that goes straight to the annoyance triggers of the people’s minds. But, on the behalf of all the people who have had the ‘honour’ of watching your ads, I would request you to stop exerting yourselves so much for our sake.


I know I’m being rude right now, but I’ve been driven to a point where I don’t care. Believe me, when I’m crying after a brutal breakup and all I want to do is to listen to the dramatic heartbreak songs, it doesn’t make a difference to me if your company has come up with a deodorant, which saves you from social disapproval that body odours bring you. I do not particularly care about whether drinking a certain brand of health drink will make me stronger and sharper when I have just 10 minutes to come up a presentation and I need help with some tongue twisting words.


Truth to be told, I understand the importance of these ads. I truly do. But, all I’m saying is, why should the people’s choice to skip these ads be taken away. I know, I know. I can almost hear you saying, “If we give people an option to skip, almost everyone will skip the ads.” Well then, I guess that’s what you’re paid for, isn’t it? So that you make ads which capture the audience’s attention in the first five seconds so that they’re not tempted to click on the ‘skip ad’ option?

But then, after all that is said and done, I’m not surprised. After all, we Indians don’t get let trivial matters like consent get into our way when we want, do we?



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