An Open Letter to the Mistaken Feminists


Dear Mistaken Feminists,

Before I actually say what is in my mind, let me be very clear. If you are a woman of strong feminist ideals without even knowing the true meaning of it, you are not going to like what I am about to say. But honestly, someone needs to bring it up, and so here it goes.

What is the point of this kind of Feminism?

Remember high school or college?When you judged a guy with the way he looked or maybe dressed. Didn’t you always ignore him whenever he tried talking to you, no matter how polite he was, or how good his intentions were? And you know why you did it, because you thought he looked creepy.

Ever went out on a movie with all your girlfriends? Well, did you not just stood in line waiting for popcorn and passed comments on a passing lot of guys. Sure you did not definitely do anything about it, but then, did you not think of it to your own self.

You got to grow up in a world, where they taught you how men always try to take advantage of women. And you think that is wrong, which it sure is, and nobody will deny it. But then I have a question for you. Why does it happen that if a guy says something about a particular girl being beautiful or hot to his friends called cheap while a girl saying it is perfectly normal.

Remember Deepika Padukone’s My Choice video? Why is a woman’s will of having sex outside marriage a choice, but the same is unethical for men. Why are women in India never accused of adultery? Just why?

And then you question the double standards of a patriarchal society?

I am pretty sure that you will come up with a counter-argument to all this because if there is something that the ideal ideas of feminism teach us is that women are always the victims. But guess what, in today’s world, that is not always true. Feminism, especially the one promoted by young girls not knowing what it actually stands for is increasingly getting related to misandry. And it is wrong.


Just so you know where you are going wrong

In simple words, if you want something, want gender equality. If you think you can judge a guy by looking at him, in any manner whatsoever only because your intentions are not bad, understand that he can do so too, because you can not just look at him and tell what his intentions are.


Putting it right across and clearly, just like it should be kept.

And lastly, if there are bad men and good women, there are good men and bad women too, a point that most of you seem to miss.

A critic of your hollow ideals.


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