Open Letter – Dear Ravish Kumar Sir, Why didn’t you take PM MODI ‘S Interview instead of cursing?


Dear Ravish Sir,

I have read your articles which covers the topics pertaining to Indian politics and society, you are one of the bravest and audacious public voice who always brought up the true fact which needs to be highlighted there are only a few journalists who have the keen understanding of Indian society and politics or stand as a strong commitment to the truth . As an author of the book called  “The Free Voice – On Democracy, Culture and The Nation” it is the hidden voice which needs to be raised ., the fear of secured job, daily bread, safety, serious threat and many more. In the context of this book explains that how elected representative somehow damages to our democracy in every corner. In the reward of your selfless work you have received many prestigious awards and was included in the list of 100 most influential journalist.

There are some articles which show your anger towards the PM Modi. Further, you mention that there was an atmosphere of revolution in the country, people were looking for alternatives, you forgot to mention that due to previous ruling party policies and loot the present government is taking the time to synchronize and to make the country in a good position. You are strongly opposing BJP government basis on your assumptions. Every day you are chanting “an atmosphere of fear” if again and again, you repeat the same then the people will feeling it actually. The work of a journalist is to deliver the news and understanding the true fact instead of making any nuisance which hampers the peace and integrity of the nation.

There are some of your article which directly raises a finger on PM Narendra Modi. You created an environment that a man cannot even ask a question and nobody is even allowed to ask a question let me tell you the constitution of India itself given the freedom of right to speak. The next you directly target PM Modi this shows you do not have hatred government policies but only the special hatred person. You have written that “Modi ji” saying himself as Pradhan Sevak is a big lie. The reason you gave for justifying it is that Nehru had said this long ago I have a question on this when and where Modiji had claimed that he was the first person to call himself as Pradhan Sevak?

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According to you, every riot is termed as done by the BJP although the state belongs to someone else. The national language of India is Hindi and more than 40 crore of the population understand this only. It doesn’t look nice as you always spread negative statement where public prefer to cover under rather than feeling empowered. The title name of your article “Aakash mein jhooth ki dhool” mention the future aspect and concluded that by May 2019 is so much lie and fake promises where no one lies in India in the entire journey of civilization.

In the end, I just wanted to say the words you write or speak to others can leave a huge impact and create controversy either a good or bad. The sky is already covered with the blanket of lies don’t be one of them instead of cursing PM Modi interviewed with him as he always came upfront in the public and clarify all the issues which raised. There are many highlighted point which you mentioned in your articles or blogs needs to be addressed.
“PM Modi, Will I Lose My Job?”
Is My Life in Danger?’

Kind Regards

A True citizen of India



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