Once Upon a Time

  • Amal Raju


Once upon a time, there lived a girl

She wasn’t naïve, nor divine

She lived life on her principles

Messy sometimes, but stuck to it she did.

She flopped a lot but carried herself

Independence was the key, goal the grace

She, herself and her

It never went farther than there

Devoid of fantasies, she was not

Like every girl out there, she dreamed a lot.

But when fear struck her one day

She only decided that come what may

She’d live and not exist

Doing what she does best.

The goal was self, it was always so

Nobody else factored into.


Then one day, he came in

A symbol of the past

Which she had never thought would ever last

Flowers and affection showered all over

Then the fear that has arisen never

Made just breathing so very difficult.

Why she was only self, never more

Became clearer by the hour

This is her, maybe cold and alone

But she worked best in that mode

Perfection was her pride

Which blew away with someone this close

And this, she just couldn’t hold.

She did worry about all, it wasn’t the issue

That sense of anxiety, she couldn’t shoo

The one who felt insecure

The one who was too vulnerable

The one who craved for affection

The one who wanted space, yet someone by the end of the day.

But intimacy wasn’t something she craved.

She could live with hell,

She would live alone.


Then came another, bouncing and sway

She just didn’t have the heart to push him away

They both laughed over the same things

Argued, too

Yet when his eyes sparkled,

She couldn’t reflect the twinkle.

He was pure, innocent and joyous about life

Corrupt him not, with all her strife

Good intentions and love, a smile on his lips

This she just did not want to snip

Now that she thought, with a chuckle

Nothing this good in her life ever lasted

Seatbelts of his, it would be fastened

With the sense of his, he should run away

While he did this, she would glance his way

Wave a little, smile and nod

Whatever her heart may behold.


He has a smile that rips her heart,

He cries over books the way she does,

He loves with all he has,

He laughs with all his might,

His spoken words are so very tender,

His innocence never ceases to spark a wonder,

He cherishes her like a flower,

He worships her without a tether,

He provides her with all he got,

He refuses to see any of her flaws,

He never fails to stake a claim,

He makes excuses to call without fail,

Tell her everything, treats her like a queen

Eases her doubts, yet leaves her wondering

She can’t deserve this, just not her

So, please leave her and let it be

She will be fine, just you see

She always is

And she never wasn’t.


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