Once there was a land called Hindustan, now Lynchistan had a history of diversity, equality and it was known as the land of spices. The only thing which still exists from the old Hindustan is the spices and it is owned by our “unbiased” media. They have this secret ingredient which makes the news tastier. They are “beef” or “cow”, a BJP ruled state, few tablespoons of “lynch” and garnish of “Hindu terrorists”.

This Is Where It All Started! Janak of Lynchistan – Shekhar Gupta G

I always had a theory in my mind that these Politicians use the innocent people’s only hope, RELIGION, as a tool to win elections but what I am going to explain now disturbed me till my core.

I’ll explain the situation using a few recent incidents taking place in India. On July 20th, 2018 a man was “lynched” at Alwar, Rajasthan by the villagers who accused him of “cow” smuggling. The man was identified as Rakbar Khan also called Akbar, he was 28 years old. The media had all the ingredients, now it was showtime, using someone’s death and making it a national issue not because “a human was killed” but a “MUSLIM” was “lynched” by some “Hindu Terrorists”.


Why am I quoting these words? I assure you that the facts stated above are true, few Hindu extremists attacked a Muslim man because the caught him smuggling cows but a few days later a new angle came into existence which clarified that the man wasn’t dead when the Police arrived he died on his way back to the hospital. The police allegedly delayed and the man died because he was deprived of medical attention on time. This new angle totally destroyed the foundation of all the media houses who was calling it a death by “lynching”.

Remember Ankit Saxena? Only HT Times had the guts to make him remember as “Hindu”



BUT……is attacking an unarmed man, not lynching? It is! SO WHAT IS THE POINT OF ALL THIS?? I am going to tell you……but first, let me ask you a simple question…Whenever the word “lynching” arises what come to your mind? I’ll answer that….”Few Hindu Extremist killed a Muslim guy because he was eating, smuggling or selling beef”…. Am I right?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word Lynching means- “Execution of a person by mob action without due process of law especially by hanging” SURPRISINGLY neither the word Religion arose nor Hindu-Muslim. That means every such incident will fall under this criteria, right?

So what if a migrant is killed by an angry mob because he was stealing a hen? Is it lynching or not? What if a man is killed for opposing Bike stunts, he was attacked by the group of seven with knives and rods? Is it lynching or not? What if cattle farmer is shot dead while protecting his buffalo from cattle thieves? Is it not lynching?…but why it wasn’t on Prime Time slot just like Alwar case or any other lynching case? Why was it just reported in the corner of newspaper with misleading headlines? Why wasn’t it our media house’s first priority to address these issues as a national concern?

I’ll tell you why… Just read the previous three news and ask yourself a question that why it was not on TV? I’ll help you a little bit, just check if all four ingredients are present in the news or not? I am attaching the news snapshot with my article please give it a read and tell me who is behind all these Hindu-Muslim hatreds? Who is giving a Hindu-Muslim conflict more priority? The Politicians? Or The “Unbiased” Media? Media in past few years changed the name of Hindustan to Rapistan and Lynchistan and all we do is listen to their manipulated “truths” every day.

In the end, I would like to conclude by explaining how a news is made. Whenever they listen about a rape or mob lynching incident they first see if the state is BJP ruled or not? Then they ask for the religion of the victim and the attacker and then they try to add a cow angle. They manipulate the headlines if it is not satisfying their needs. Going against Government is a great thing because media was made to serve the Governed and not the Governor but are the victims I stated above are not the Governed? Who’ll be their voice? Think above Hindu and Muslim, you’ll find a victim in every religion. The news is the rough draft of History please keep it unbiased and pure for our children.

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