OMG!! Rishi Kapoor Abused Two Women

Image Source: Intoday

Rishi Kapoor was famous for his charm while acting in Bollywood movies. Boys were so excited to copy the style.

Nowadays, He is still so famous but not for the charm or acting but for the anger, he is showing on twitter. He is active on twitter and spending more time on twitter only. He abuses men for comments about Bollywood industries but now broke all the limits and abused two women on twitter this time.

Image Source Here
Image Source Here

There is an interesting part of activity. He, not only, abused but also blocked her from twitter account so she couldn’t reply anything.

You will think how did all this start?

So here is the reason.

These actions were started when Karan Johar became the father of a baby. Rishi Kapoor asked his fans, “What do Rishi Kapoor and Karan Johar have something similar and common between them?”

He also abused a boy on twitter after this quiz.

Image Source Here

His every action is just showing his actual mentality and proving that anyone could have the worst mentality; it doesn’t depend on which society you belong.

He forgot the truth how his fans made him. Celebrities are celebrities because fans love them and watch their movies and reality shows. If these celebrities continue to be so rude to their fans, then trolling process will never stop.

They have to respect their fans or at least, respect women of our country. The old saying is if you want respect, first learn to give. India is an independent country and everyone is independent to show their views. How they feel about anything.

He has to understand that the fans, he abused, try to follow every little thing and want to be like him. What will happen when every celebrity will show their true colors?  Everyone will stop trusting and following them.


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