7 Off Beat Courses Offered by Indian Universities!


One of the most challenging task as a student has always been opting for the right career, one wrong step and everything turns upside down. The pressure is the most when one completes his or her high school. The most typical options that one always hears are either to become a doctor or an engineer or a professor. But as time is changing so is the career options. Everyone at least for once thinks of opting for a different career but fail in doing so because not every university offer such offbeat courses.

So with results being out, and the hunt for right career choice commencing, here are 7 offbeat courses that some of the Indian universities offer:



ETHICAL HACKINGImage Source: Ethical Hacking

Doesn’t being paid for hacking sound cool? Imagine all the time that you spent into hacking other’s account for fun or being really obsessed over computer codes, being able to crack passwords or for that matter getting into locked security systems, and now you get paid for it all. Ethical hacking includes finding the weakness in a network system for the purpose of testing and thereby making the network even more secure. So, an ethical hacker is someone who uses his hacking skill to find vulnerabilities in of the computer system by duplicating the actions as well as intents of other malicious hackers, thereby securing the network to avoid any unwanted damages to the system and also any leakage of confidential information. Today, ethical hackers have become one of the most sorts after information security employees at large organizations.


  • The Indian School of Ethical Hacking located in Kolkata (Website: Click Here).
  • Institute of  Information Security which is located in various cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chandigarh. (Website: Click Here).


Malaysias-top-10-pet-grooming-centres     Image Source: Pet Groomer

This might feel odd to some of you, but this field of work is slowly coming up in India. All those pet lovers out there, who cannot stop but love animals and would want to better understand them creating a closer bond, this course is like a dream come true. As a pet groomer, this course will teach you all that you need to know about pets. Starting from maintaining their hygiene to bathing them, from detecting minor health problems to improving their appearance. This mostly includes dogs, cats, horses and also rabbits. One can consider taking it up as a part-time job if not a full timer.


  • Scoopy Scrub, located in Delhi, provides pet grooming courses at two levels: Basic level and the Advanced level. In the former, one is taught everything about pet handling, hygiene, medicated baths, d-ticking etc. In the latter, on is given training on breed specific styling and various kind of massages. (Website: Click Here).
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Pet Grooming School is located in Bangalore, it provides knowledge in pet styling and pet spa.(Website: Click Here)


MUSEUM  Image Source: Museum Studies

Museum studies are also known as museology, it is the study of museums, art exhibitions and how museums developed with time to play an important role in society today. A museologist collects and purchases rare artifacts to further enrich the museum, organize an exhibition of artifacts and also organizes its display in the museum. Along with this, he or she also conducts educational programs; identifies, examines and preserve rare and important objects.


  • The University of Calcutta offers MSc and Postgraduate course in Museology.(Website: Click Here).
  • National Museum Institute of History, Conservation, and Museology in New Delhi offers an MA and Ph.D. course on this subject.(Website: Click Here).
  • The University of Baroda offers an MA course in Museology.(Website: Click Here).


TeaTasting2         Image Source: Tea Tasting

Did you know that tasting a cup of tea can give you a salary of up to 40,000 to 50,000 per month? Yes, that’s right, senior professionals earn up to 25,000 per month whereas, specialized professionals draw a salary of up to 50,000. A taste just does not tastes tea but also has a good knowledge on the production, cultivation and the manufacturing of tea, he or she also gives advice on the quality and taste of tea.


  • Assam Agricultural University is located in Assam (Website: Click Here).
  • Birla Institute of Management and Futuristic Studies offers a course in Tea Management(Website: Click Here).
  • The Indian Institute of Plantation Management, in Bangalore, proved a certificate course in Tea Tasting and Marketing.(Website: Click Here).


what-is-gerontologyImage Source: Gerontology

Gerontology is the study of physical, mental and social changes in people as they grow old. It focuses on the various aspects of aging. Many private agencies, hospitals, old age homes look for professionals who have done a course in gerontology also, in order to understand this course one can start to gain experience while working with NGOs. This field might not offer a lot of income at the beginning but with a passage of time and experience, one can earn a lot.


  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) provides a diploma course in gerontology (Website: Click Here).
  • The Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology offers a one-year postgraduate diploma course in Gerontology and Age Management.(Website: Click Here).
  • Ramnarian Ruia College, in Mumbai, also offers a course in Gerontology. (Website: Click Here)


Flavor_Chemist2                                   Image Source: Flavor Chemist

A flavor chemist is someone who uses chemistry to create artificial and natural flavors. This job not only requires mixing of different chemicals to make a unique flavor but also one has to have a knowledge of plants extract, essential oils and also aroma chemicals. A flavor chemist has a lot of opportunities in fields like cosmetics, food, and beverages, fragrance etc.



Rural-Studies2      Image Source: Rural Studies

A Bachelor in Rural Studies course will help you to engage with several rural and community development activities. This course includes topic such as community development, environment management, child development, agriculture etc. One can easily work with both private and government companies and also can get opportunities to work with several NGOs in the development of rural areas.


  • Bhavnagar University in Gujarat provides a bachelor and master degree in rural studies.
  • Also, colleges in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh offer this course.

These are some of the offbeat courses that are available in few Indian colleges, they are all a lot different than other regular courses, probably something that many won’t know of. So, would you consider opting one of these courses are your career?


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