Now Kailash Kher is also in the circle of #MeToo


Since Tanushree Dutta’s #MeToo in Bollywood, many women are now exposing about wrong behavior which is done with them. In Bollywood where many women have come forward to support Tanushree with her support, some have also disclosed such accidents with herself. The name of the famous singer Kailash Khair has also emerged in this regard. Let’s say that the woman accusing Kailash Kher is neither an Indian nor belongs to the entertainment industry.

Journalist and writer Sandhya Menon has made this big disclosure about Singer Kailash Kher from his social media handles in this case. He shared a part of the chat of a journalist living in Muscat Country there. The journalist of that Muscat has written, ‘We met him Muscat and at a boutique where there were a few other women and colleagues and my boss and a photographer. We sat to interview him and I, unfortunately, sat next to him. He was touching my thigh for the sake of talking, again and again, I was feeling very uneasy. When I told this to my boss, they put it aside in laughter. Then in the group photo, Kailash asked me to stand by myself, so I refused. I still can not forget the fringe of being helpless with that day’s anger. ‘

 Photo Credit: Twitter @ Sandhya Menon

Let me tell you that Tanushree Dutta has launched a new war in India by bringing #MeTooMent. Whereas the name of Bollywood was coming out first, it is now joining the voice from every region. Significantly, when a journalist had asked Kailash Kher about Nana Patekar and Tanushree Dutta, Kailash was very upset.



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