Now from 1 December you will be able to fly drone without any riot, the new rules issued by the government


Now you will also be able to blow the drone without a stop in the country from December 1. The Central Government has developed digital platforms with the new rules to get permission for it. A mobile app based on the Digital Sky Platform, this mechanism works as unmanned traffic management (UTM). This digital platform will not work if it is not allowed to work transparently on the notion of flight.

For this, drone users have to register their drones, pilots, and owners once by visiting the mobile app. After this, permission for this has to be taken for every flight. Once all the checks are completed, it automatically gives permission automatically. If there is any loophole in the investigation then it rejects the application.

The central government said on Monday that under the new regulation commercial use of drones (unmanned aircraft) in areas like agriculture, health and disaster relief would be effective from December 1, but the supply of food items (payloads) including food items is not currently permitted. will be given. It has been said in the Regulation that all civilian drone operations will be restricted to the timing of the day and the flight will be restricted to only those places where visibility will be good. This area is usually 450 meters.

In addition to the drones of Nano Drones and National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) and central intelligence agencies, the remaining drones will be registered and they will be issued special identification numbers. While making these regulations public, civil aviation minister Suresh Prabhu said, “Our progressive regulations will encourage the industry of India-made drones“.

Under the new regulation, the drones will not be allowed to fly near airports, international borders, coastlines, state secretariat premises etc. Apart from this, they can not even ride strategic bases, important military establishments and even around Vijay Chowk in the capital.



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