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Every word I pen to describe the mesmerizing beauty of Meghalaya is an understatement. Once visited, the beauty of the place will never fail to get imprinted in your mind for a lifetime. As the name says, the state is an abode of clouds and makes you fly between the white canopies of clouds. Let’s sneak peak into this beauty and see what might leave you helluva amazed.

Credits: Swarupa Das

At a distance of some 96 kms from the city of guwahati lies the city of Shillong. Being the capital and a hub of bazars, the city stays busy and crowdy. The police Bazar square can always give you a nice view of the crowd going gala. The place provides a wide range of shopping options at prices you can afford. The styles provided are hippy and unexpectedly unique, sort of those which can never escape your eyes. Shillong also provides a wide range of locations that are famous attractions. To name a few would be elephant falls, Shillong peak and ward’s lake.

Credits: Swarupa Das

A 2 hour drive from Shillong would let you explore into the depth of the state, into cherrapunji and into mawsynram, the wettest place in the world. The climate is soothing and peaceful, especially if you are there in summer. The eco park, mawsmai cave and seven sisters falls are one of the major attractions of cherrapunji.

Credits: Swarupa Das

90 km away from Shillong lies the cleanest village in Asia, mawlynnong. It has to offer the living root bridge. It is unique in the world and is made by the khasis and jaintas with branches of rubber tress. Amazingly awestruck, aren’t you?

Credits: Saptarishi Dutta

The beauty that the state beholds would make anyone wonder into the secrets of nature that northeast tourism can upturn.


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