North Korea cancels its joint cultural performance with South Korea ahead of Olympics

  • Sindhu Bharthi Anandan

A few weeks ago the news of unification of the two rival nations North Korea and South Korea for winter Olympics had been surfacing all over the world and came to a shocking decision to many. Many South Koreans have complained the unified women’s hockey team – the only such joint team to be formed – was unfair to the South Korean players, going so far as creating over a hundred petitions against the unified team on the presidential Blue House’s website. Though the Japanese government has been critical of this decision of North Korea to unite with South Korea because of the nuclear weapons issues, the Koreans hope to perform better and bag the medals.

There was a joint cultural programme which was scheduled to be conducted on February 4, 2018, at the North Korean territory of Mount Kumgang. The two Koreas had been in discussions regarding final details over the joint performance. They were also talks regarding different concert in South Korea by a North Korean orchestra and sending South Korean athletes to train at a North Korean ski resort.

Now, amidst all these preparations, the North Korean called off the performance. The North Koreans had blamed South Korean media for passing over insulting comments regarding the unification. The North Koreans felt that their sincerest preparations for this performance had been insulted by the South Korean media. North Korea was left with no choice other than canceling the performance. The South Koreans had called this a regrettable decision.

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