Nonsense #KikiChallenge @TrainStation Rewards Indian Youtubers With Punishment

#Kiki Challenge

Everybody is tired of the viral ‘In My Feelings’ or #KikiChallenge that has tormented the web, as is the Railway Protection Force (RPF) at Virar, Mumbai.

They as of late captured YouTubers, Nishant Rajendra Shah (20), Dhruv Anil Shah (23), and Shyam Rajkumar Sharma (24) for an unsafe video they posted on their channel “Funcho Entertainment”.

Their video was a hit via web-based networking media and it was seen in excess of 2 million times on YouTube. It was likewise drifting on Twitter as fans shared connections of the “entertaining” execution.

In the video, the trio is seen taking an interest in the test and their own elucidation included running along a moving train while two individuals hung out the way to film it. The video likewise includes an emergency vehicle.

What Happened In Hyderabad Today?


The RPF found the entertainers and captured them yesterday. What got the consideration of the experts was a specific trick in the video wherein the trio is seen performing on the before said emergency vehicle. An examining group has found the proprietor of the emergency vehicle, as expressed by daily paper, Times of India.

An authority said that the three YouTubers were “in tears” when they were captured by police. The three were given a punishment for overstepping the law at the Vasai railroad court, and have been requested to do the accompanying:

– Clean up the Vasai railroad station three times this week,

– Visit the stations from 11 am to 2 pm and from 3 to 5 pm to keep different workers from rehearsing such tricks,

– Film themselves bringing issues to light against such tricks and show it as verification to the court.

While the YouTubers have not given an official declaration on their channel, they posted a remark on YouTube: “All is well folks. We’re all great. You’ll get every one of the updates of what precisely happened and everything in one of our up and coming video. Till then stay tuned.”

At the point when the test ended up viral in the course of recent months, many individuals online had translated it in various ways, some were perilous and numerous individuals were truly harmed while endeavouring the furore. Numerous famous people joined the fleeting trend.

In the UAE, the #KikiChallenge is restricted and can prompt a Dh2,000 fine and 23 dark focuses.


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