Noida-GIP Case: Has Today’s Relationships Become Bizzare?


In yet another shocking incident, a girl committed suicide by jumping off the top floor of Noida’s Great India Place (GIP) Mall. The deceased identified as Shivangi was believed to be in the late 20s. She was reportedly upset with her boyfriend.

As per a report, her body was lying in the pool of blood inside the mall. “When we came out, we saw the girl lying in a pool of blood. She had died immediately after falling on the floor. We then called the police, who arrived in no time,” a shop owner told a leading news portal.

Police have also recovered a suicide note in which the girl had expressed unhappiness over the state of her relationship with a boy she wanted to marry. The note reportedly mentioned that the girl’s beau was not talking to her for over two days.

Shivangi – a girl who loved her boyfriend more than life ! Result- Death!


Youngsters today are very indifferent towards being in a relationship or being in love.

Which brings us to another issue: how come we can be so attracted to people who are so wrong for us? Or conversely not attracted to people who everyone says are just right for us? Dilemma. It happens, which is why we have so many break-ups, separations and divorces. Weird.

Relationships do not always last forever. This may be tragic or, if the glass is half-full, wonderful while they lasted and fondly remembered. There must have been some good in them. There are so many things that can, and do, go wrong. The list is too long, depressing and familiar to recite. And to add insult to injury, after all that has gone wrong, there is the break-up. Perhaps more pain and sadness. Perhaps relief. But then, as surely as sun follows rain, eventually, the whole cycle starts all over again, with the rebound, weird!




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