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Often we think of doing our work on time by our ourselves but what happens in the end? The total opposite of it! neither our work gets finished on time nor we get the expected outcome from it. In this current, fast moving and techno-savvy world who is to blame for such a blunder? Obviously, it is us and now the question arises why? the very real and hard answer for it is that we rely on others for doing our work while we are either lazy or the procrastinator. It is high time that we stop expecting from others and do it by ourselves because it is our very own work meant only for us and its outcome and responsibility is stuck to us only.

While understanding this point we also need to introspect and truly ask ourselves a question -Why do we expect from others? The answer may range from – out of affection, favourism, belongingness, mutual co-operation, compromise or even pressure and what not in today s world even blackmail can be a reason for making someone doing other’s work. Okay, let’s understand it is not possible to do all the things by self and even not possible to do it at times but then again what about the things which can be done irrespective of any circumstance or the things which matter the most? It was okay to get our homework done by mommy because you were a kid but is it okay to let your college assignment that too of a final semester get done by others? even if you pay well and get it done on time what you will you gain? nothing! no knowledge, no skill and no experience.

When you can eat the food why not cook when you know how to? You are waiting for the day you will start living alone and will learn how to cook and if not willing to learn you will pay up to a cook or get it ordered from outside and will complain about taste and all but you won’t do the cooking because of somebody who is going to do for you but how long ? Get this straight that only you are with yourself towards the end and nobody else. It is important and our purpose to help others and human society s very existence is based on it but it doesn’t subscribe to the fact that the things which are meant for you have to be done by somebody else.

You are doing breathing to bathing by your own then you do not need anybody then why the heck are you not doing the things which at least can be done by you or matters to you.

When you not do your own things, your productivity decreases and with time you are worthless. You may be slow or not so smart  but at least you are self -working so take a call of action that for filling bills, typing emails, buying items etc .or anything which can be done by your own and which matters, in the end, will be done by self, irrespective of the conditions because at last nobody ‘s going to do for you ….. because it is only you !

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