No Reunion for FRIENDS: A Sad Truth

The era of friends: Good old times

Are you one of the die-hard fans of the American Television sitcom friends. Did the story of the small group of Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe and Ross,living in New York and hanging out at Central Perk left you dreaming of having a similar life someday? Did you feel like a void when the show came to an end after ten successful years of run? Do you still want them to have a reunion so that you come to know about what happened to these characters and where they are twelve years later?

Well, considering the huge popularity of the show, I am pretty sure that you will answer yes to all of the above questions. But here is the bad news. It is officially confirmed that there will never be a friends reunion ever, at least not on-screen to say the least. I know this is not really what most of us want, but then it has to be like this. In case you are wondering, here are the reasons.

1.The nature of the show: Friends is truly comedic because of its nature. The show is mostly about a group of people with 20 something age, moving around and having fun in their lives. However, as the show progressed, the characters settled down. By the end they had their own families, and they were way too more responsible to be laughing around and having fun out of everything. If the makers plan to make a movie or anything out of it today, there is not really much that can be written while keeping the original story-lines intact. And we are not sure you want that to be changed at all.

The widely loved star cast from friends.

2.The star-cast : Friends had a wide star-cast, and we loved each one of them in their respective roles. Now, the fact is that when the show first aired in 1994, all of them were fairly new to the industry and didn’t know much. The show gave them the recognition and the position they are in currently. But obviously, it happened more so for some people then the others, specifically Jennifer Aniston. After the show ended, all these cast members went along different directions, and so it would be a really tough job to bring them all on the same page again. Also, no one is really sure about the personal relations that these people share, specially after so many years.

We saw them all together last year, with the exception of Matthew Perry, but we will never again see them as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sadly

Given these reasons, which have been clearly stated by one or the other actor from the show, time and again, here is the sad conclusion. Friends is an iconic show, a once in a lifetime opportunity for them to being to you, and you to watch. There is really nothing more to it. The show will be there for you when you need it, but then you have to work your way out only with the reruns of the existing episodes.


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