Side Effect Of Scandal : No Noble Prize for Literature in 2018

Court Sends Jean-Claude Arnault To Prison For Rape; Key Figure In Nobel Scandal

The Noble Prize, one of the most prestigious and highly recognized awards conference to people showing remarkable skills in their respective fields is given annually according to the will of Alfred Noble. A Swedish Noble Committee is responsible for choosing the winner each year. But this year, the committee responsible for choosing the winner of literature has been surrounded by controversy and allegations.

The crisis that led to the cancellation of the award started when French photographer Jean-Claude Arnault was accused of sexual assault by 18 women. The accusers included Crown Princess Victoria, who said she was inappropriately touched by Mr Arnault at an academy event. Arnault is the husband of Katarina Frostenson. She is a poet and also the member of the Noble Committee.

Furthering the controversy, Sara Danish, the first woman ever to lead the Swedish Academy too was forced to leave the committee after she tried to cut off Arnault from anything to do with the organization. Three other members walked out of the committee following this.

Because of all these quitting the strength of the selection committee has lessened considerably. The Academy now as only 10 members instead of 18. Because of the decreased number of members, it is believed that even if a choice is made it will not be the most accurate or acceptable. Because of the ongoing problems the Swedish King and patron of the Noble Academy, King Carl XVI Gustaf has taken matters into his own hands to bring the situation under control.

All these problems have led to the cancellation of the Noble Prize for Literature this year. And to some length, I think that this is for the better because even if a choice of winner is made in the prevailing conditions there is no guarantee that the most deserving will win. To cover up for the miss this year the Academy has decided to declare two winners next year. This is the first time since the 2nd World War that the Noble Prize for Literature has been cancelled. Prior to the War, there are a few rare cases of cancellations recorded.

The sooner the matter surrounding the committee gets solved the better it is for everyone. Noble Prize is something that people all around the world have their eyes set on and to cancel an award because of interior problems is not desirable. Even though the award is cancelled this year, I hope the best and the most deserving people get it next year.


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