Current Turkish President Recap Tayyip Erdogan retain his bright fortune as he won the presidential election with the majority of votes on Sunday. He challenged very heavily in this elections and was not much favorite to re-win the election but he proved everyone wrong he won in style and showed his art to be in power.

According to Turkish election board, 97% of voters were counted and Erdogan won with 52.5% of the vote shows his political dominance

“Our democracy has won, the people’s will has won, Turkey was won,’’ Erdogan addresses the crowd of supports in the capital, Ankara and thanking citizens who cast their vote in the election with almost 90% total turn around of votes.

Erdogan had declared himself the winner before the official results were not announced that give a point to opposition for accused Erdogan claiming that he had manipulated in results and saying it was too early to be sure about the outcome.

By this victory, Erdogan will enjoy supreme and extreme powers when retaining back his office. Last year he narrowly won the referendum which transformed country parliament system to the powerful executive presidency, in what his critics called him more or like a dictator for Turkey.

Erdogan party Justice and development party known as the AKP made an alliance with National Movement party, the MHP and retained its control over the parliamentary majority.

His victory gave a huge blow to its rival Republican peoples party known as AKP President candidate Muharrem Ince turned out his most fierce competitor and able to challenge him a, he believed to be man who really can end Erdogan dominance but he wasn’t able to did that against the hold that Edrogan having on Turkish Minds.

Erdogan has dominated  Turkish Politics from back in around 2003 when he first rise to the Prime minister and since then transformed nation. He successful encouraged Turkish economic growth and sustained development. He also challenged the secular idea of nation and foundation in which Turkey is running on he did by implementing Islamic conservatism in public life he gutted public institutions and tens thousands of people many of them his hardline critics- he made arrests of many of them after a failed military coup in 2016.

He decided to for elections 18 months from actual tenure as he faces many challenges on different fronts. Like Turkish people feeling the pain of soaring inflation, sluggish economy and high- interest rates. Also, this time whole opposition came together to challenge Erdogan that in before election never united.

All this made now Erdogan the most lasting serving leader of Turkey his dominance feels like a formidable wall that takes much time to break.

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