Next Week Yahoo Messenger Will Bid Us Farewell !


Once upon a time, people from around the world had Yahoo as the first choice over Google but now Verizon which had acquired Yahoo has decided to shut down their Messenger. With this news, Yahoo! messenger app users have fallen into despair. However, the news of staying connected has come out. Let us know that Yahoo! was bought by Verizon Company in July last year for a deal of 300 million US dollars.

Verizon’s announcement to close the Messenger app. The company says that after 17 July, Yahoo Messenger will be shut down and all its users will be shifted to the new messaging platform Squirrel. Let’s say that the number of logo logos using the Yahoo Messenger app now is 50,000,000 +.

In the official statement, the company said, “We know that we have reliable users who use Yahoo Messenger from the beginning. Yahoo Messenger is the oldest app in the web messaging app. We are introducing new app squirrel in place of Yahoo Messenger, which will be very much liked by our users.”

However, the Squirrel App is currently available only on the beta version because the company is currently in its testing. After 17 July, after Yahoo Messenger completely shut down, it will be launched for everyone. It is a relief to you that the backup of your 6-month-old Yahoo Messenger chat can be secured.

Please tell that the desktop version of Yahoo Messenger was abolished on August 5, 2016, after the 18-year journey. Whatever the verdict, the old evening chat memories of Yahoo will always be fresh in people’s eyes when silver-purple screen pops up with the tone of the message and the new generation will openly adopt it but like me The people of the previous generation will undoubtedly leave it unhappy, for whom the first name of the messaging was AOL which was previously and now is going to be Yahoo Messenger! Salute you


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