New tariff regime proposed by TRAI- All that you need to know

New tariff regime proposed by TRAI
New tariff regime proposed by TRAI

– Arkabrata Bala 

With the new tariff regime flowering into action from February 1, cable subscribers are still as of now unaware and blind to effectively choose the right set of packages. This perplexity is anticipated to linger within the upcoming days and people are in dire need of guidance to somehow facilitate themselves out.

What’s the new tariff regime?

Network Capacity Fee (NCF): A minimum of 100 channels has been mandated for Rs 100+18% of GST which turns out to be Rs 153.40. Amongst these 100 channels, 25 channels will be DD and the remaining 75 will be left to viewer’s discretion. For every additional 25 channels, an extra charge of Rs 25 will be entirely accounted for NCF.

An example will help you comprehend better. As said, under the new pricing scheme, 100 channels will cost you Rs 153.40. If you choose 100 more free to air channels, you would only have to pay an additional of Rs 80 as NCF. On top of that, if you choose another 100 channels, you would have to pay the worth quoted by the broadcaster for each channel and an additional NFC pay of Rs 80 would summarily follow.


Tata Sky, Airtel DTH, Dish TV, Videocon D2H, Sun Direct: Every website has uploaded the estimated cost of each package that you are enjoying currently. There is a provision for ‘A-La-carte’ where customers are free to choose their own set of channels in return of the cumulative sum of the price of each of the single channels rather than the suggested bouquets.

Each HD (High Definition) channel will be counted as two SD (Standard Definition) channels and the pricing may vary, especially in the La-carte section, compared to those of bouquets. Certain bouquets may astonishingly work out to be cheaper than individual channels while in some other cases pricing of SD and HD might be the same.

TCCL, VK digital, Arasu Cable: These broadcasters have instructed the cable operators to distribute brochures with forms having the details of channel bouquets and channel pricing. If you are a subscriber to any of the above service providers, what you would have to do is to fill this form for once and hand it over to the operator who will then reactivate your network with your selected picks or package. If you intend to feature any other channel any month, inform your respective cable operator who will do the needful. Removing a channel will also follow the same procedure. Some operators have made this entire process online making it easy for their customers.

In this sense of uncertainty, people are myopic in their decisions as the new turnover will kick off on February 1. If you are willing to stay on with your existing channels, then brace yourself for the skyrocketing price. Even cable operators are illusory in this change of events which seems likely to stay on for the initial days.


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