New ‘elf’ of the fashion world – Melanie Gaydos

‘People are more comfortable when I have teeth in my mouthshe said, then chipping in, ‘but I am not’.
As high-octane music played, dimming the nonchalant chatter in the room, there she walked tall, straight to her cue. With confidence oozing out, and infectious energy- posing, smiling and making them stare.  27 years old model Melanie Gaydos has come under the spotlight for all the right reasons.
With no hair, teeth and not what you’d call the ‘perfect’ face, she has become an international sensation and an inspiration to many.
Gaydos had been fighting an extremely rare genetic disease Ectodermal Dysplasia since birth – a condition that prevents teeth, nails, pores, cartilage and bones from developing. With just 3 baby teeth and no hair at all, she is not unlike any average person walking on the street. The fight against growth abnormalities has not been easy but Gaydos’ determination has helped her keep a grip.
And is she slayin’? Damn yes she is!
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The Model, who counts Miles Cyrus among her fans, has posed for renowned photographers like Christian Martin Weiss and Scott Irvine. For those of us who are not aware of the brands they comprise, the fact that a face not matching up to society’s given standards of beauty has made it to the big screen and the runway should be enough.
In a world that swears by perfectly chiseled faces with the right body proportions accentuated by striking features, Gaydos has not allowed her ‘differences’ to restrict her ambitions and has gone ahead to break popular, narrow concepts of beauty.
Like other models who do not align with the industry’s set standards, she is breaking fashion stereotypes one photo-shoot at a time. Her pictures are not just ethereal, they are striking, dramatic, dark and tell tales that are difficult for mere words to describe otherwise.
Have a look yourself!
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“I’m the only person doing what I do, and at first I found it hard being objectified by others. These days, I don’t really have a problem with people seeing me differently to how I see myself.”
“When I was younger, I really, truly believed I was an elf. My father even used to call me an elf and I was always really intrigued by fairies. My personality is very close to that of a fairy, I think”, Melanie had said in an interview with Mac cosmetics
Melanie chooses to use her look only for the right reasons and works with people she truly recognizes with – projects and people that refine her understanding of her body and own self and help her project it in the right manner.
Gaydos’ unique looks and even more fascinating style reminds the world of all that fashion is supposed to be – power, freedom and an expression of who you truly are.
Melanie uses her unique looks to create art – art that does not necessarily has to be pretty, but which grabs your attention for a while and makes you think. And one can trust Melanie Gaydos’ pictures to make you halt and gape in fascination.
In a world that proposes girls to be ‘pretty’, Gaydos’ presence on the runway makes me hopeful of a progressive society. Looking at her, I’ve stopped believing in being perfect, I would rather be human – a tale of scars intertwined with strength, and growth and lessons from past mistakes.
Of being yourself. Of being raw.
This makes me one; what makes you beautiful?


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