Never Stop Learning, Because Life Never Stops Teaching


There was never and nor their is today any age specified for learning. Learing, indeed has no age limit. This is what the best part about learning has since ever been. It may be a man lying breathing his last moment on the deathbed or a latest living being to the planet, something that would be common amidst the two is the oppotunity they have of learning something new.

Every minute that you spend ideally, you waste a 60 seconds of learning something. There may not stand even an insect beside you to teach to a lesson while you sit ideally, there still so many things that you often fail to take notice of. You have message from the winds, the sky, the sun, the animals and also from the poor orphan beggar kids.

Those kids who have nothing to give you that you could enjoy. They have no luxury that advances them above you. Yet they have their moral high above you that needs to be learnt. The courage they have to bear their pains and troubles, their cheerful smiles are the things that you can always learn to adorn in your lives.

We spend a lifetime living a life given to us failing to see what it is and what it can actually be. We should restrict ourselves from living in a rigid box of limitations of the society and think and follow what our heart believes in and dreams. Go apart from the norms and regulations and fight not just for the selfish motives but, also for the welfare of others. So that they could get inspired and make a move to fulfill their desires. This way they would learn a lesson of dedication, determination and commitment from you.

Life teaches us a great range of good and bad lessons that act as the pillar to help us grow as a human. Life is never an agreement of bed of roses for anyone. One has to face the softness of flowers as well as the roughness of the thorns together. It is true that we wish to see just the brighter side not the darker one. But as a matter of fact, it is really important to realise that, “the darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

Life is also a combo pack of surprises with  happiness and sadness in an equal probability to arise the next moment you breathe. But the best thing about this combination is the oppotunity that we have of learning out of everything. And my favorite one is the experience. There is no better teacher than this.

Life would never be that interesting if you stop learning. You may not realise but every moment you are learning news things. No one is ever a perfect man. So in an attempt to be one, you have to continue to learn to move in the direction of even more perfection. Be thay wise man who can always learn alot from a foolish question not the fool who can never learn a thing even from a wise answer.


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