Top 3 Netflix Shows Everyone Needs to Watch


Netflix has been heavily investing in the making of original content. And we could not be happier! After all, they provide a respite from the old saas bahu sagas, which go on for years and years. The shows on English language channels are also subjected to heavy censorship of scenes and dialogues. Even though a lot of people are going to offended, even the rerun of Friends is not as entertaining as it used to be. After all, any show might start seeming at least a bit boring after watching it a thousand times.

So here are three of the most amazing and popular netflix original shows you can binge watch this weekend to break the monotony:


This film will surely satisfy the history buff within you. This historical drama traces the journey of Queen Elizabeth 2, since the death of her father and how she copes with changing attitudes towards the monarchy, the loss of the colonial empire and the ever changing politics of the world. It also shows how all of this has affected her relationship with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Black Mirror

A science fiction anthology which depicts the world of tomorrow, which has all the futuristic technology we dream of. This show is an undoubted standout among the myriad of sci-fi shows.  It beautifully depicts what might possibly happen if our darkest instincts and desires meet the most advanced of technology. The show is certainly not for the faint hearted!


This extremely gripping drama about the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, who was once rumoured to be the richest man alive. The show also deals with the internal politics of Colombian drug cartels and their brushes with American Drug Enforcement Agency. The show also provides a clear political context by giving details about Colombian and American politics.



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