Negative impact of sexual content on Tv on teenagers


Televised programs do qualify as one of the convenient sexual educators in our culture but laden with contradictions. While TV’s sexual messages are not always explicit, they are abundant and often provide information youth do not get elsewhere. Through its dialogue characterizations, storylines, and themes, Television presents adolescents with numerous verbal and visual example of how dating, intimacy, relationships, sex are handled. On the other hand, a concern is always expressed that the messages TV sends about sexuality are limited, sometimes stereotypical, and potentially harmful.

TV’s accessibility and popular appeal make it an excellent instructor, offering a convenient way to learn about sex without embarrassment which usually arises between parents and their children when discussing sex-related issue. Although the research in this area has been sparse in Kenya, research findings do an associate amount of TV viewing with viewers sexual attitudes, expectations, and behavior.

Tv may also encourage teens to embrace a hyper-sexualized lifestyle.TV is ravaged by sex. Sex sells. Accept it. But the secret is out – young people especially impressionable teenagers see this and it gives them the idea that they are only valued for sexual offerings. This is not the case. This is totally a wrong we want to send to our vulnerable, near-sighted teens. People, biologically yes, meant to copulate and spread the species.B ut sex on TV definitely leaves a negative impact on teens and it may encourage them to a hyper-sexualized lifestyle.

The effects of television consumption on teenagers behavior regarding sex are of increasing interest to educators, policymakers , program planners and the society as a whole. The concern is that the extent to which frequent consumption of media with high levels of sexual content and low levels of the portrayal of responsible of responsible sexual conduct is a pivotal influence on young people’s subsequent sexual behaviour , including the responsible use off protection from pregnancy and disease.

However, scientific evidence has not yet established a causal relationship between exposure to sexual content in the media and teenagers attitudes concerning sexuality and their own sexual behaviors.



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