Why Do We Need Women’s Day ?

womens day

Yes guys. It’s that time of the year. The time when terms like “Women Empowerment”, “Feminism” and “Independent Women” surface the internet. Yes. It is Women’s Day! Women are the backbone of our society. A woman is the glue that holds an entire family together. But then, why does a woman need empowerment? We talk about Women Empowerment with such passion and dedication but do we really need it? Or let me put it this way. What do we mean by the word empowerment? This is where most of us go wrong. In spite of all the violence against women and all the restrictions from our culture and society, the mere fact that women still come out and fight for their place in the society itself is something women need to be proud of. This is empowerment. Women are already empowered. Feminism has become a topic of controversy today. The reason is misinterpretation. Most feminists fail to understand what feminism actually means.

womens day

To beginners, it is simply to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women and also to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. But feminism in today’s world is commonly seen as only being independent and one step above men. This draws the fine line between Feminism and Misandry. Why should we women set a benchmark for ourselves? Why should we want to be better than men? Why compare ourselves with the other gender? A peaceful society is one where men and women coexist, cooperate and respect one another. This is what feminism is about. To create a society where men and women are deemed equal and be supportive of each other. To create an environment where women aren’t ruled over or controlled by men. The women society has been constantly evolving. We are part of an important duty towards the future and towards nurturing the future generation. Imparting the right wisdom to our children is what we are bound to do. What are we, independent, self-sufficient, empowered women of this millennium going to teach our children? We are going to teach our sons to respect women and teach our daughters what feminism is and what feminism is not. We celebrate Women’s Day to honor the first horde of women who came out and fought for their place in the society. And now, we celebrate women’s day to remind us that feminism still has a long way to go. And it’s our duty to take it in the right path.

happy womens dayAnd lastly, Women’s day is also to remind ourselves that we are beautiful, beautiful human beings. Maybe, someday in the distant future, women needn’t fight for equal rights. Maybe that day will see the world be a part of a coexisting society. Until then, we keep breaking stereotypes. Until then, we keep feminizing. Happy Women’s Day to all the amazing, powerful, influential and beautiful women out there. Each one of you is an inspiration.



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