Nawaz Sharif Banned from Politics for Life


Pakistan’s Prime Minister for three times, Nawaz Sharif was banned from the country ‘s politics forever today by an unanimous decision taken by the country’s apex court, which consisted of a banch of five judges. Prior to the verdict the politician was dismissed from his office in July last year on charges of corruption.

Sharif, the then Prime Minister, allegedly did not disclose about a salary he received from his son’s UAE based company. According to Sharif, he never received a salary and he held the position in his son’s company only to maintain a valid business visa for the Gulf country. But the Supreme Court overruled this argument and stood firm on its decision. According to the court Pakistan’s constitutional article 62 1(f) states that a member of parliament dismissed on charges of corruption and not being ‘honest and trustworthy’ is to be banned for life. Along with Sharif, Jahangir Tareen, a key leader of the opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, was also dismissed from office by the Supreme Court in December under the same clause, for incomplete financial disclosures in his parliamentary declarations.

The three – times Prime Minister is still facing charges and trials for corruption along with his three children in a National Accountability Bureau court, which is due to deliver a verdict in the coming weeks. Whatever may be the verdict of the court, the ex-PM has very little chances to see the inside of the parliament house ever again as there is little to no possibility of the life time ban from politics being lifted over him.


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